My second solo album (under the name Super Heavy Metal) GONG SPLASH MIDI MIDI is out today 20/11-2020.

It was recorded in 2018 at Malabar Studios, Oslo.

The music on “Gong Splash Midi Midi” is made by cymbals being processed through synths.
This album features Ådne Meisfjord (Tropcial Contact Hight, 120 Days, Serena Maneesh) on synths/fx/electronics – processing what I was playing.
Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) served as a engineer and reluctant producer keeping track on the progress and what we were doing.

The album was mixed by Anders Bjelland at Broen Studio.
The album is released on Hubro (Grappa), in a limited print of 250. White label with download code. Available world wide.

LP: https://superheavymetal.bandcamp.com/album/gong-splash-midi-midi
All other streaming services here: https://orcd.co/superheavymetal

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